At Vape Cove we love cloud chasing and love the idea of blowing a huge cloud that we can disappear behind. We wanted to cover how you can up your cloud game, whether it's performing a vape trick or blowing the biggest vape cloud we want to get you to become the ultimate cloud chaser.


What is Cloud Chasing?

If you are an experienced vaper you may have already heard about cloud chasing and if you're a professional cloud chaser or competitive vaper then you already know. Cloud chasing is essentially the act of trying to blow the largest cloud possible with your vape device. The term was coined in the early 2010s in cloud competitions. In competitive vaping competitions, there are many different competition modes including a cloud chasing competition to see who can blow the biggest cloud and a variety of competitions where professionals show off their vape tricks. We love chasing clouds and trying different smoke tricks. So we wanted to help any new people looking to get into cloud chasing. Whether that's choosing the right vape kit for you, which coil is best for clouds, how you can blow bigger clouds, or where to get these accessories, we have you covered in this article. So sit back, fill your tank and take a quick and relaxing draw as we get right into it.


    What factors affect the size of your cloud?

    There are many different things that can affect your cloud sizes but it really comes down to two things.


    Vapour Production & Technique.


    When it comes to vapour production there are a few things you can do: 

    Increase the power of your device. This allows your device to vaporize vape juice a lot more quickly producing more vapour at once. This leads us to something you might consider which is sub ohm vaping. This involves using a coil that has a resistance of less than 1 ohm. With the resistance lowered in the coil this allows for more power to go through the circuit enabling the coil to vapourize e-juice a lot faster. Be sure you do your research before attempting sub-ohm vaping as it can be dangerous without the right experience.


    Increase the airflow of your device. This is an important factor that can easily be overlooked especially if you increase the power of your device. With the increase in power, your device may heat the vapour to where it becomes too hot. Increasing airflow allows for more fresh air to enter, cooling the temperature of the vapour making it easier to inhale. This coincidentally increases the size of your clouds produced. When there is more airflow it pushes the vapor out of your vape device more quickly increasing the speed of cloud production.


    Lastly is using the correct E-juice. Depending on the type of e-juice you use can affect the size of your clouds. The ratio of propylene glycol(PG) vs vegetable glycerin(VG) will affect your vapor production. PG is what delivers the flavour from your e-juice and VG is what provides the vapor. This means that if you find an e-juice that has a high ratio of VG then you will be able to blow massive clouds. The one trade-off for blowing large clouds is that the flavor will be sacrificed so if you don't mind, blowing large clouds with no taste then be our guest.


      Your technique is incredibly important for blowing large clouds. Here are some tips to begin producing bigger clouds.

      1. Empty your lungs entirely before inhaling. Make a conscious effort to fully empty your lungs by blowing out as much as you can when you exhale.
      2. Lean your body forward to exhale and straighten your body and back to open up your lungs preparing to inhale.
      3. Start inhaling for as long and as hard as you can keeping your back straight to allow for as much vapor to enter as possible.
      4. Now upon exhale you want to release the vapor at a consistent pace while opening your throat and jaw
      5. When you are almost out of air push out the remaining vapour with your lips.


      Vape Mods and Premade Coils for Clouds

      When it comes to vape mods and premade coils Vape Cove has got you covered with some great kits to get you started on your journey to achieve the big cloud.


      The GeekVape - Aegis Boost Pro 100W Pod Kit starts at $54.99 and is a great starting device that produces a consistently large amount of clouds it is a rectangular mod that has a glossy metallic finish on the outside with leather and rubber grips that feel great on the hands. With its built-in air ventilation on its tank, it allows for great control of airflow.


      If you're looking for a cheaper alternative the SMOK - RPM40 Pod Mod Starter Kit starts at $44.99 and this vape mod is a personal favourite for many of us at Vape Cove. It is a great starting device for any cloud chasers as the RPM40 coil produces a great number of clouds for a smaller device. The device features a rectangular design that is both compact and stylish.

      When it comes to coils you need to make sure your device is compatible with the coil that is listed below, some coils are only meant for specific devices so that is something to keep in mind. The first coil is the FreeMax - FireLuke Mesh Replacement Coil Pack at $19.99. These coils are compatible with the FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank/M Pro Tank, Freemax Fireluke Tank, and the Freemax Fireluke Pro Tank. This tank prides itself on flavour but from our experience, the clouds produced are just as impressive for any cloud chaser.

      The second coil is the HorizonTech - Falcon Replacement Coil Pack at $17.99. This coil has a lot more compatibility options than just Horizon Tech devices so keep an eye out for a few Smok devices or any other compatible devices that would work with this coil size. This coil is definitely for cloud chasing as it draws a huge cloud of vapour when you have it set up with a proper device.

      These are the devices and vape mods that we think would be great for beginners and even experienced vapers. That being said there are pros and cons to all devices and accessories so it's really up to you at this point.


      We hope this article helped you in any way possible. Whether it helped you improve your cloud production techniques, or you were looking to get into cloud chasing we hope you found something you liked about those starter kits mentioned, all available at Vape Cove. If you had any comments, concerns, or questions regarding this article please let us know if we missed anything so we can continue providing our readers the best vaping articles possible. Thank you for reading!

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