Switching to Vaping

Have you decided to switch from smoking to vaping but have no idea how to start? Or you wish to start enjoying the nicotine hit but don’t want to use cigarettes. Vaping is an acceptable alternative to smoking cigarettes. However, so much ambiguity follows the act, and the varieties of devices, tanks, mods and e-liquids also add to the complications. 

We have created this list to help start your journey to a wonderful experience with vaping. Here’s our list of the best vapes for beginners switching to vaping.

The Best Box Mod Kits

Box mod vape kits are comprised of a mod, usually box-shaped (which is how the kit derives the name), a tank, and batteries (usually sold separately). This vape kit allows for more customization than pod vapes and vape pen kits. The drawback is it requires more effort in maintenance. You have to disassemble the tank and clean it regularly to keep it fully functional.

Box mod starter kits have the advantages of customizability and power. You can adjust your coil’s wattage to determine how heavy the hit, and you can also set the tank’s airflow to decide how tight or airy your draw will be. The power output on box mods is higher than other types of vapes. So box mods vape kits are ideal for those seeking a heavier, hotter draw.

Box mod kits may use one or two batteries. Those powered by two batteries have higher power ratings, produce larger clouds and heavier vapors. They also have longer battery life. Here are the best box mod kits for beginners:

Aegis X + Zeus Tank Kit 

Aegis X + Zeus Tank Kit

Our first box mod kit is a combo of two renowned products from Geekvape, the Aegis X and Zeus sub-ohm tank. Aegis X is a durable mod built to withstand the most rugged handling. It’s shockproof, waterproof and dustproof, and boasts an IP67 durability rating to affirm it can take more than a few drops. It runs on two 18650 batteries.

Aegis X has a 2.4 inch OLED screen that displays all your vaping setup information. The Zeus sub-ohm tank has two mesh coils of  0.4Ω and 0.2Ω, respectively, and the complete kit can fire at a maximum wattage of 200W.

Vaporesso Gen S Kit

Vaporesso gen-s

The Vaporesso Gen S Kit is the second on our list because its tank — the NRG-S tank ranks among the most flavorful tanks in the vape market. Like the Aegis X, it runs on two 18650 batteries but has a higher maximum power output of 220W. It also features an LED display for you to monitor your setup.

Vaporesso Gen S features several vaping modes; like variable voltage mode, wattage modes, and temperature control mode. While the NRG-S tank comes with two coils, it is compatible with all Vaporesso’s GT coils, so getting a replacement won’t be an issue. It also allows you to adjust the airflow.

Aegis Legend by Geekvape

Aegis Legend Box Mod

Another product by Geekvape, the Aegis Legend vape kit, is another option you can choose as a beginner. Like the other Aegis product on this list, Legend is waterproof and shockproof. It comes with a Geekvape Aero Mesh sub-ohm tank, which houses two coils of 0.2Ω and 0.15Ω, respectively.

The Aegis Legend fires on two 18650 batteries and reaches a maximum wattage of 200W. It also features exciting modes like the temperature control mode and the bypass mode. Its 0.91” OLED screen displays all the essential information necessary for you to fire your kit. Its fire button is rocker-style and sits on the device’s side.

Best Pod Vape Kits

A pod vape kit is designed for vapers who prefer their device as simple as possible, rather than the cumbersome package of a large vape with a separate tank. It features a simple all-in-one design that makes it easy to use. A pod vape kit comprises a pod and its battery. 

Pod vape kits have low maintenance needs because of their all-in-one design. However, most pod vape kits are not very customizable or adjustable. They also have smaller e-liquid capacities and run on smaller batteries. 

We recommend pod vapes if you aren’t a heavy smoker or vaper because of their smaller e-liquid capacity. You also don’t have to go through the stress of finding or researching the right mod, battery and tank components.

Uwell Caliburn G

 Uwell - Caliburn G 690mAh Starter Kit

The first pod vape on our list is Uwell’s Caliburn G, a sleek and light device with high efficiency. For its slim profile, Caliburn G packs a battery strong 690mAh capacity. It features a versatile fire up, as you can activate with its fire button, and it’s also draw-activated.

The pod vape uses replaceable coils with 1.0Ω ratings and fires at an ultra-low 15W. It has an LED indicator to show you how much charge is left in the battery. Caliburn G’s pod holds 2ml of e-liquid and is easy to refill, as you only need to remove the drip tip.

Voopoo Vinci Pod 

 voopoo vinci pod

Voopoo Vinci Pod is another superb pod that ticks the right boxes for vape pods. It features a 2ml pod and an inbuilt 0.8Ω coil, sparing you the hassle of fiddling with vape coils. Like Caliburn G, Vinci Pod is best suited to nic salts but works fine with other e-liquids. Its coil produces a satisfying flavor, and the device performs excellently in cloud production. 

Vinci Pod, like most vape pods, doesn’t allow you to adjust any output, but you can alter the airflow slightly by flicking a switch on the side, either down or up. However, it also doesn’t have an on/off button; instead, you activate it by inhaling through the vape’s mouthpiece. It packs a whopping 800mAh battery to help you through your day.

Mi-Pod 2.0 

Lotus Flower Mi-Pod 2.0

Mi-Pod 2.0 is the last on our list of vape pods for beginners. It’s a compact and stylish pod, different in design from the other two pods. While the first two pods are long and thin, Mi-Pod 2.0 has a box-like shape. It has a 2ml capacity for your ejuices, and you just slide the power on to fire up the pod.

The box has two  0.9Ω pods with inbuilt coils that produce excellent flavors. To refill the pod, there’s a port on the pod’s side. Mi-Pod 2.0 has the highest battery capacity on our list, with a 1250mAh inbuilt rechargeable battery. It also has a 4-LED indicator system to notify of the battery level.

Best Vape Pen Kits

Vape pen kits may be the most user-friendly device for beginners because they’re easy to use; however, they are not very customizable. It comprises a pen-shaped mod, a small tank and an inbuilt battery. Like pod vapes, you don’t have to research a compatible mod, coil, tank and battery. Here are the best vape pen starter kits:

Freemax Marvos T


Freemax Marvos T tops our list because Freemax improves vape pens’ already simple form. It has a 4.5ml tank that attaches to the battery magnetically (rather than screw), making refills and coil changes much quicker. It runs on an impressive 3000mAh battery, removing the hassle of constant charging.

Marvos T has three wattage levels and maximum output power of 80 watts. The starter kit has two mesh coils, 0.25Ω and 0.15Ω, respectively. It comes with a Type-C USB cable to charge its battery and has other features like 8 seconds cut-off protection, low voltage protection and short circuit protection.

  • Vaporesso GTX GO 80

  • Vaporesso GTX GO 80
  • Another vape kit for beginners is the GTX GO 80 manufactured by Vaporesso. Like Marvos T, it also has its battery and tank attached magnetically. The tank is a whopping 5ml capacity, and it comes off easily thanks to its top filling system that opens with a simple quart-turn. GTX GO 80 comes with a GTX mesh  0.20Ω coil, but is compatible with all GTX coils available.

    It’s also equipped with an inbuilt high efficiency 3000mAh battery, charged via its Type-C port. However, you can’t control the power level, as it only has one button — the off/on button.

    Freemax Twister

    Freemax Twister 80W Starter Kit

    The Freemax Twister is as unique as the graffiti-styled design on its outer casing. With a maximum wattage of 80W, expect utmost efficiency from this vape. Freemax Twister is one of few vape pens that allow you to adjust output power. You do that by using a ring at the device’s base, adjusting the wattage in 5W increments.

    This vape pen has an inbuilt 2300mAh battery, which isn’t as much as the others on this list but should be enough to get you through your day. There’s also an LED indicator to allow you to monitor the charge left in the battery. It also comes with a 5ml capacity tank, allowing you to pack as much e-liquid as possible.


    There are various types of devices for vaping, each with its uniqueness, from the simplicity of pod vapes to the complete control and customization that box mod kits offer. However, we’re certain that our list has helped you with the confusion that comes with such numerous options. Now you just have to choose which kit beat suits you. We hope you found this article helpful. If you had any questions, concerns, or comments about this article, let us know! If want to tell us what you liked, or how we could improve the article send us a message @vapecove. Visit us for more blogs and for all your vaping needs check out Vape Cove.

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