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STLTH is one of the most popular closed pod systems on the vape market today. Should you choose a STLTH vape above other closed pod systems, and what makes it different? Can you refill the pods and how?

We answer all your STLTH vape questions in this handy FAQ.

Can you refill STLTH pods?

You're not meant to refill STLTH pods as with most closed vape systems. Technically it's possible, but the pods are sold as single-use items with the brand's bespoke flavour profile. Refilling will probably lead to an inferior vaping experience, and who wants that?

The best option is to experiment and find the flavours of STLTH vape that most appeal to you. Then you can take advantage of offers at your favourite STLTH vape retailer.

Should you open STLTH pods?

Short answer, no. The vaping community is known for its creativity, and sure enough, some creative souls have figured out ways to open up these pods. With an awful lot of effort, you might eventually manage to open and refill a pod in a somewhat satisfactory way. However, it's far easier to just purchase a new one.

It's called a closed pod system for a reason - the pods are supposed to remain closed. Don't try this at home.

How do you open a STLTH pod?

You'll find hacks and guides online instructing you on opening a STLTH vape pod. Don't follow them, even if the person who made the guide seems to get good results.

It's unsafe to open closed pod systems. People love tinkering, and some people are very good at it. But you shouldn't open STLTH vape pods for the same reason you shouldn't drop cesium into a glass of water at home - just because it's fun to watch on YouTube doesn't mean you'll enjoy what happens when you try it.

How long do STLTH pods last?

A 2ml pod is designed to last you for about 36hrs. This will ensure the best flavour and the smoothest vaping experience. These are just the manufacturer's instructions, though - in reality, people often take a few days to finish off a pod and still enjoy the excellent quality of the product.

If it starts feeling or tasting rough, you've probably left it too long, and it's time to replace it.

Keep in mind that if you purchase STLTH devices from our store, you receive a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty. If you receive packs of pods that were leaking before installation, you can exchange them for new ones.

How many puffs are in a STLTH pod?

There are roughly 200 puffs in each STLTH vape device before the battery dies. Whether this lasts for the same duration as your pod is a different question - remember to keep your battery charged! You never know when you'll need it most.


Does STLTH work with other cartridges?

Once again - in theory, it could. That doesn't mean that it should. You'll find hacks and tricks for making your STLTH vape device compatible with generic pods, but why would you want to? Half the joy of this top brand is that their pods have an extremely smooth, approachable, and full flavour.

You don't put off-brand pods in the device for the same reason you go to the Rolex website to learn how to clean your high-value watch properly. They're good at what they do, they designed the product, and you usually get the best results when you listen to the experts.

Is STLTH better than other closed pod systems?

A STLTH vape is a premium product. It's a cut above standard closed pod systems because of the quality of its design, its long life, and the excellent flavour profile you get when you're vaping.

We're not here to say that there's any #1 vape brand in Canada. However, we will happily stand by our claim that STLTH is among the top candidates.

Is STLTH better than Juul?

Juul was a game-changer when it came to the market. It revolutionized the premium vape scene and still produces some of the highest-quality products on the market today. So is Juul still the top dog?

Not necessarily, and here's why:

  • Many users consider STLTH a more attractive brand because you get so much more juice. Juul pods typically provide 0.7ml per unit, compared with 2ml for STLTH.
  • Juul is considered expensive by some. Although, you get what you pay for; Juul products are still top-tier.
  • Juul also doesn't offer a very wide variety of flavours. Those it does offer are wonderful, but if you don't find your ambrosia in its offering, you shouldn't wait around for new flavours to come out. Juul products are becoming harder to find across Canada, and the company doesn't appear to be planning any exciting new vape flavours.
  • STLTH pods are much cheaper than Juul, even though you get significantly more juice for your money. The brand also offers an impressive range of flavours. This means that if you're a creature of habit, you're more likely to find a long-term favourite. If you like to play the field, you've also got much more variety to choose from.

Overall, we'd tend to say that STLTH is the superior brand today.Girl Vapes STLTH Smoke

Can you recycle STLTH pods?

Yes! Most good vape stores have recycling units for STLTH pods. Make sure you don't chuck them out - keeping a Ziploc bag around for your used pods is good practice, so you can take them all down to the vape store at once.

Alternatively, you might like to pop into the store every day - in this case, just recycle them as you go.

Is STLTH discontinuing pods?

Some lines have been discontinued, but don't worry. The company is still producing pods in a vast array of delicious flavours. If you're worried about your favourite being discontinued, you can always get in touch with the company - their customer service is excellent. Or, to make your life easier, just ask us!

My STLTH is blinking 10 times, what does this mean?

The 10 blinks are a signal that your device is short-circuiting. This is a problem when you use a rapid charger on your STLTH device - try to stick with the charger that came with your device. This will improve the lifespan of the device, which is one of the major advantages of buying from a top brand.

How long does it take to charge a STLTH vape?

It usually takes about an hour to fully charge a STLTH vape. Need to dash? Don't make the mistake of plugging in a rapid charger. If you're routinely worried that you won't be able to charge your device in time, it might be a good idea to invest in a portable USB charger - they only cost a few dollars and have loads of applications besides charging your vape pen.

My STLTH won't hit. What should I do?

If at first, you don't succeed, try again. It sometimes takes a few puffs to get your vape up and running after you've purchased it. This is sometimes also the case after you change the pod.

If you consistently experience problems, ask your local vape specialist or contact the company.

How do you make STLTH vape hit harder?

You don't, or rather, you shouldn't. The hit on STLTH pods isn't meant to be super-strong - it's supposed to be smooth, tasty, and satisfying. If you're using the device to quit smoking, then you need to remember that fighting the need for that harsh, heavy hit is a big part of the psychological battle.

Vapes aren't meant to be hard-hitting devices. They're excellent aids for smokers who want a healthier lifestyle, but there needs to be a distinction between the feeling of smoking and vaping. When you choose a STLTH vape, you'll benefit from a greater taste and a reduced feeling that you've just torched the back of your throat.


Who makes STLTH pods?

STLTH manufactures all its pods at its factory in Ontario. It's useful to know this kind of information about your vape provider - quality control is much better with domestically produced vapes and pods.

My STLTH pod is leaking, what do I do?

If your STLTH pod starts leaking, your first step is to simply remove it from the device. Get a cloth or a piece of kitchen towel and gently but thoroughly clean away any spilled fluid from the pen.

Ensure that the mouthpiece is clean. When you're confident that you've cleaned any spilled fluid up, use a piece of tissue to cover the mouthpiece and blow through the cartridge. The tissue will catch any remaining residue or condensation.

Once you've blown through a few times, it should be safe to reconnect the cartridge. If it happens again, the pod might be a dud, or you may have inserted it improperly. If this keeps happening, visit your local vape store and ask an expert to show you the best way to set it up.

STLTH Vape Pods: Final Thoughts

There's nothing worse than that burning sensation you get from a low-quality vape pod - except for a burning question that you can't find the answer to. We've got you covered. 

All STLTH devices purchased from our store come with a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty. If you happened to receive a pack of pods that were leaking prior to installation, you're more than welcome to bring it back to the store for an exchange.

Check out our collection page to learn more about STLTH products and closed pod systems.



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