Disposable vapes are mess-free and simple — way easier to deal with than rechargeable kits. But which of the many disposable vapes on the market is right for you?

Discover the best disposable vapes and learn more about how to choose the right pen for puffing. 

Envi Boost — Most Variety in Flavours

Envi is a newer brand hitting the scene, but it made a big splash with the Boost disposable vape. 


  • 24 Flavours
  • 1500 Puffs
  • 5 mL E-Liquid Capacity


  • Anti-Slip Technology. Hold the pen more comfortably, never drop while enjoying, and enjoy a mess-free experience.
  • The Most Flavours. With by far the most flavours to choose from, you'll definitely find the flavour you're looking for.
  • Affordable Price Tag. Despite being the cheapest option, You'll still get the high-quality Envi design that you'd expect from this popular brand.


  • Smallest Capacity. While you'll get a high-quality pen, you'll see that the cheaper price also means you have less to enjoy with only 5 mL of e-liquid.
  • Fewest Puffs. The number of puffs a pen has directly correlates to how long it will last for you. So with only 1500 puffs, you'll get the shortest length of use.


With so many flavours to offer and all at an affordable price, you can't go wrong giving this pen a try. And with the Envi anti-slip technology, you'll never need to let it go. 

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Pull — The Most Features

Pull is engineered to give you the best hit of nicotine without higher quantities. Learn more about what it offers users. 


  • 14 Flavours
  • 2500 Puffs
  • 7 mL E-Liquid Capacity


  • Hybrid Nicotine Blend. The mix of Freebase Nic and Nic Salt makes for a powerful blend. This makes for excellent hit satisfaction similar to 50 mL. You get the same feel despite a lower nicotine concentration than you'd need for a similar experience.
  • The Most E-Liquid. For a disposable device, this will last you a while. Between 2500 puffs and 7 mL of e-liquid, this pen is ready to go the distance with you.
  • Adjustable Airflow. With the Pull design, you determine how much vapour you want in proportion to nicotine and juice. This means you get the exact hit you're looking for in each puff.
  • Chargeable Battery. This is a unique feature for disposable vapes considering you're supposed to use and toss. But you can charge your pen and continue using it if there are still puffs. That way, you don't need to worry about the battery giving out before you've gotten everything out of it you can.


  • Higher Price Tag. Of these best that we're highlighting, it's tied for the highest price. But with so many features, it's easy to see how it earned this price.


This is perhaps the highest-end disposable vape on the market. If you want something that lasts you a long time and is worth every penny, try Pull. 

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Envi Apex — More Puffs in a Compact Pen

It's everything you get with the Envi but one thousand more puffs. Keeping the anti-slip technology, but losing some of the flavours the Boost offers, see if the Apex is right for you. 


  • 11 Flavours
  • 2500 Puffs
  • 6 mL E-Liquid Capacity


  • Compact Design. Despite offering the most puffs and a good amount of e-liquid capacity, this is a small design that you'll be able to transport anywhere easily.
  • Intense, Delicious Flavours. Envi is a newer brand, but they've quickly gotten their flavours right. And while the Apex has fewer than the Boost, you'll enjoy every puff of these excellent tastes.
  • Comfortable Mouthpiece. Considering that you'll likely be puffing on this piece for several days with 2500 puffs, it's important that it feel good to you while you're vaping. But with a small, comfortable mouthpiece, you may find yourself turning to these Envi disposables over rechargeables.


  • Higher Price. For 2500 puffs, it's understandable that this is one of the higher-priced pens. But it still only has 6 mL of e-liquid despite the higher price.
  • The Fewest Flavours. Unlike the Envi Boost, the Apex has the fewest flavours to choose from. However, you get 1000 more puffs, so it might be worth the trade-off if there's a flavour you love.


If you have tried and enjoyed Envi's other products, you'll love the Apex and how much longer it lasts. With 2500 puffs, enjoy the delicious flavours for four days or even longer. 

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Allo Ultra 1600 — The Strongest Flavouring Per Hit

You may have heard of Allo disposable vapes, but now it's gone ultra. With more liquid than most other disposable options, get a great hit every time from Allo Ultra 1600. 


  • 12 Flavours
  • 1600 Puffs
  • 6.8 mL E-Liquid Capacity


  • Larger Ratio of E-Liquid to Puffs. While this Allo only offers 1600 puffs, it does have 6.8 mL — a substantial capacity compared to similar disposables. This means the flavouring will be more potent for every puff and last longer.
  • Smart Chip Included. This ensures you never get an accidental draw or dry hit for a more enjoyable experience.
  • Lightweight. Although it has twice as many puffs and a much larger e-liquid capacity than you'd get from standard disposable vapes, it's not noticeably any larger, and you'll be able to fit it comfortably in any pocket that you typically use for your pens.


  • No Adjustable Flow. This may not be ideal if you want more vapour and less flavour. With far more flavouring in the e-liquid capacity but no adjustable features, you may want to look elsewhere if you don't want a strong throat feel.


The Allo Ultra has a lot to offer at a reasonable price. If you want something that lasts a good amount of time and has many flavours to choose from, take a look at the Allo Ultra 1600 for yourself. 

Buy an Allo Ultra 1600 Now

What to Consider When Buying a Disposable Vape

Number of Puffs

When looking at a disposable piece's details, it should also say the number of puffs it offers. This directly determines how long it will last because it's how much vapour is included. The more puffs, the longer it will last. 

If you're paying top dollar for only 800 hits, you might be getting ripped off. Always ensure that you're getting enough hits for what you're paying and for how long you need it to last. 

Variety of Flavours

Sometimes, you find a brand you love with your favourite flavour. If that's the case, you can enjoy that flavour every time you go to buy. But if you're not sold on a taste, make sure you have options. 

There are hundreds of flavours available for pens. So if you don't see a flavour you like from one brand, look at different disposable vapes and find the tastes that interest you most. 

E-Liquid Capacity

Each hit will have less flavouring if a pen has lots of puffs but very little e-liquid. While this may be preferable for some, others want to get a strong taste in every hit. 

If you're not sure how much e-liquid you want in each hit, look for disposable vapes with adjustable airflow like the Pull. 


Disposable vapes vary quite a bit in price. From one to a norther, there may be large gaps between top-of-the-line products and lower-quality pens. 

Before you spend your money, take a look that you're getting good value for what you're paying for. That price should reflect the quality of the design, the number of puffs, the amount of e-liquid it holds, and any additional features such as anti-slip grips or adjustable airflow. 


Are Disposable Vapes Cheaper?

Disposable vapes are more expensive than kits in the long run. However, they're much cheaper initially than investing in all the necessary accessories. So if you're looking to try vaping for the first time, start with a disposable one. 

How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last?

The amount of time a disposable vape last depends on two factors: the number of puffs it offers and how heavily you vape. The more puffs and the more moderately you vape, the longer it will last. 

For pens like Pull and Envi Apex that offer 2500 hits, this could last you five days or longer. 

Are Disposable Vapes Better than Rechargeable Ones?

Neither is necessarily better — it depends on what you're looking for. If you want to try different brands, want something you can quickly toss out when you're finished with it, and you don't like cleaning and maintaining equipment, disposable vapes are best. 

But, if you're regularly vaping and spending too much on disposables, it may be time to invest in rechargeable pens to save in the long run. However, it's still up to you and your preferences at the end of the day. 

Discover More Disposable Vapes

Ready to start trying out disposable vapes for yourself? Learn more about these top brands and what they can offer you.  

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