If you are an experienced vaper then you understand the significance of a good vape coil. People call it different things, including coils, atomizers, and atomizer heads. Technically they are atomizer heads but we will call it coils just for the sake of consistency throughout this article but it all means the same thing. The coil is essentially at the center of your vaping experience converting the juice within your tank into the vapor that you inhale. The coil can affect many aspects of your vaping experience including the size and thickness of the clouds produced as well as the flavour and how much juice is used while you're vaping. This is why picking replacement coils can be a tough choice. There are many coil options to choose from and we want to help you make the best choice in terms of determining which coil would be best for you. 


    Types of Coils

    Before we get into the types of coils we need to understand how a coil produces vapor. An atomizer has 3 main parts, the atomizer body, the coil, and the wicking material. The atomizer head converts energy from your e-cigarette battery to heat the coil inside the atomizer. The wicking material that draws in the e-juice, usually natural cotton, is surrounding the coil, and when the coil becomes heated it will vaporize the e-liquid that is soaked into the wicking material, which is then inhaled by you.

    Now that we understand how a coil produces vapor we can get into the two categories of coils.

    • High Resistance Coil - This is a coil that has a resistance above 1.0 ohm. The power drawn would be lower and more typical for a regular vape mod. High resistance coils are compatible with most e-cigarettes, they typically use up less e-juice while creating smaller clouds of vapour.
    • Low Resistance Coil - A low resistance coil has a resistance that is less than 1.0 ohm. We call these "Sub-ohm" resistance coils. A sub ohm tank generally needs more power to work, meaning they aren't suited for all vape mods. They do produce larger vapour clouds as a result and as a result, they use up more e-liquid.


    How to Make Your Coil Last Longer

    Your coils will eventually burn-out, it's not something you can really avoid but before figuring out how to replace your coil, we wanted to mention how to maintain the longevity of your vape coil. Avoid chain vaping your device, this is a common thing that results in the deterioration of your coil. Without allowing your wick enough time to soak up some e-liquid before your next draw it can burn or dry out your wick and that's when you really have to replace your coil. We suggest allowing at least 30 seconds in between draws of your vape to ensure that the coil and wick have enough time to recover. This will all depend on how often you vape as well, this means your coil might need to be replaced pretty often. Even if you vape occasionally, we would advise replacing your coil at least once per month just to avoid vaping from a damaged coil. This leads us to how to identify when you should change your coil.


    When Should You Consider A Replacement Coil?

    Some signs are more obvious than others but we wanted to go over when you should consider a replacement coil.

    Burning Taste:

      1. When a coil is at its end you will find your draws result in an awful burning taste.
      2. The experience should be awful 
      3. You should immediately refrain from drawing from the coil once you get that foul taste in your mouth.
      4. Do not continue to push a coil once it is burnt or you risk vaping burnt materials and metals


        Gurgle Sounds:

        1. A gurgle or bubbling sound as you activate your device is a clear sign that you need to check your device immediately
        2. You could try to replace your coil
        3. If your device continues to gurgle there might be something really wrong, so you should probably take it into a vape shop.


        Weird E-juice flavour

        1. Anytime you're vaping, your e-juice should never "seem off".
        2. A worn coil can change the taste of your e-juice and this slight taste change might be followed by a burnt taste eventually.
        3. A coil will inevitably wear down so once you start noticing a dip in flavour your coil might be near its end.


        Clouds aren't produced

        1. Vapour production decreases over time with the use of your coil.
        2. Near the end of the coil lifetime, you will notice a much lower production of vapour and that's a sign to replace your coil
        3. Just be sure to check if it's the coil that is actually responsible for the low vapour production. Sometimes a dying battery could be the reason you aren't producing those thick clouds.


        How To Replace A Coil

        We can finally get into how to actually properly replace your own coil. We know that it might feel daunting in the beginning but after you do it once it should be relatively the same for most devices. Every device is slightly different so read your device's instruction manual just to be safe!

        1. Find Your Coil - The first step starts with finding your coil. Usually, you just need to remove your tank from the vape device, after that, you should be able to see the coil on the bottom side of the tank.
        2. Empty the tank - You will want to empty your tank before you remove the coil to avoid it spilling all over you when you remove the coil. Trust us, it's happened to us many times.
        3. Remove the Coil - depending on the tank you will have different ways to remove your coil. It should unscrew from its spot though, and now you are ready to replace the coil with a new coil.
        4. Prepare new Coil - The replacement coil wicking material should be primed before being placed back into the tank. Apply 5-7 squirts or enough e-juice to soak the coil.
        5. Insert the coil & Refill tank - You can finally insert your coil back into the tank. Finally, you can refill your tank and attach it back to your vape device and you're ready to start vaping again!


        What's The Best Coil?

        Depending on what is important to you your choice for a coil might differ from another person. Consider what's important to you:

        1. Clouds - How important is it for you to produce the thickest clouds?
        1. Flavour - How important is it that the flavour of your e-juice hits every taste bud?
        1. Lifespan - What if you just want a coil that can last you a really long time?
        1. Budget - You're not trying to break the bank here, you just want a reliable coil that gets the job done.


        We wanted to talk about a few of our favourite coils along with their compatible vaping device and hopefully, we can help you in making a decision for which replacement coil is best for you.


        For Massive Cloud Production:

        GeekVape Aegis boost Pro Replacement Coil Pack - This coil head is definitely for the cloud chasers. It helps produce a really thick cloud so make sure you have a window open! The vape mod compatible with this coil is the Aegis Boost Pro Pod Kit


        For a Great Flavour Experience:

        Horizon Falcon Replacement Coils compatible with the Horizon Falcon King Sub Ohm Tanks - For a fantastic flavourful experience you're going to want to try the Horizon Falcon. This coil is a runner up for cloud production but definitely designed for maximum flavour.


        For a Long-lasting coil:

        Voopoo Replacement Coil Pack compatible with the Voopoo Drag X Mod Pod Kit - These coils can last us from three weeks to a whole month with proper preperation, care, and maintenance when you're using it. With the device starting at $73.99 and a replacement coil pack of 5 coils at $20.99, you get what you pay for with one of the longest lasting coils in this list.


        For a Budget-Friendly Coil:

        The Smok Nord Replacement Coil Pack compatible with the Smok Nord Pod Kit is for those with a budget but still want an excellent coil. You can't go wrong with the Smok Nord coils; they draw both a great flavour and viscous clouds. The device starts at $51.99, our lowest priced device on this list and the replacement coil pack is $17.99 with 5 coils included. You definitely get the most bang for your buck with this pack.

        These are the coils that we think fit each of the criteria listed previously. You can find each of these coils along with their corresponding devices at Vape Cove.


        Now when it comes to which coil fits what you want its entirely dependent on what works best for YOU. Personally, we love blowing the biggest clouds we can but let us know what's important to you! We hope you found this article helpful and if we missed anything or you have any questions let us know in the comments or send us a message at Vape Cove

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