Over the last two decades, vaping has become a buzzing sensation in smokers' communities around the globe. Although there is a mixed debate about its benefits, people believe it is 95% safer than smoking. This trust in vaping and e-cigarettes is the reason that smoking is gradually sinking. 

Smokers believe that switching to vaping helps them to kick the habit and guarantee a safe and healthy environment for everyone. In addition, the growing popularity of vaping in youth has prompted researchers and health practitioners to recommend vaping as an alternative tool for smoking cessation. Media also plays an essential role in portraying e-cigs or vaping as practical smoking cessation tools.

Due to the rapid increase in vapers, the e-liquid market and vaping industry are growing enormously to cater to users' needs. However, despite the benefits attached to vaping, it has its cons too. Continue reading to know more about this alternative tool for smoking cessation.

Can Vaping really help you quit smoking?

Are you struggling to quit smoking?

If so, you are not alone in this journey. Nearly 7 out of 10 smokers wish to quit smoking because they know it's the best thing they can do for their health. Smoking disturbs almost all your organs and leaves a negative impact on your overall health. From foul odour to yellow teeth, coughing to breathing issues, and lungs to heart, it nearly attacks all your organs.

Researchers have shown that nearly one-third of deaths caused by heart attack result from smoking or secondhand smoke. Thus, a smoker not only endangers their life but also puts many other lives at stake. 

E-cigarettes contain fewer chemicals than conventional cigarettes. This fact might make you feel tempted to turn to vaping because it is an easy transition from traditional cigarettes to no smoking. But now the question arises...

Is vaping better than using other tobacco products?

The answer to your question is a big yes. Thousands of people have successfully quit smoking with vaping, which is proof of its effectiveness. It helps you satisfy your nicotine cravings. If you want to maximize its benefit, make sure to vape only when you need it and with the right nic-strength in your e-liquid.

Several studies have proved that vaping is a more effective tool for smoking cessation than other nicotine replacement products like gums or patches. However, vaping will only benefit you when you altogether quit smoking. Your vape shop specialist can help you choose the best products for you suiting to your budget and taste. 

Several vape stores provide expert guidance to ease your journey and steer you towards making better choices for your health. 

Are e-cigarettes safe? 

Many countries have different laws and rules regarding e-cigarettes. Researchers around the globe so far have proved that e-cigarettes or vaping devices are less harmful than conventional cigarettes because they offer a complete replacement with quality and safety. 

No one claims that vaping is risk-free, but it carries only a tiny fraction of the dangers or risks attached to traditional smoking. For example, tobacco produces tar and carbon monoxide, the most harmful substances in tobacco smoke, whereas e-cigs are free from these unhealthy elements. 

Similarly, e-liquid and vapour contain less harmful chemicals at much lower levels than the potentially toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke. 

Is nicotine safe?

Nicotine is an addictive substance, but it is the delivery method that causes harm. Conventional tobacco cigarettes contain nearly 7000 toxic chemicals. Nicotine replacement therapy is considered one of the best options to support people stop smoking. It is regarded as a safe treatment worldwide.

Is e-cig vapour prove harmful to others' health?

There is no evidence that e-cig vapours affect others like secondhand smoke. Although it might not be physically harmful to people around you, they may dislike it or consider it a nuisance. 

You have to consider who you vape in front of and who to avoid, especially children. There are no potential health risks to the bystanders. 

Is vaping more addictive than conventional cigarettes?

Vapers and dual smokers, who use both e-cigs and regular cigarettes, are more addicted to nicotine than traditional smokers. Vaping is convenient to use indoors, which makes resistance difficult for vapers. In addition, a wide range of flavours is available, which is a significant reason for the growing popularity of vaping among the masses, especially teenagers.

Whether you use vaping as an effective tool for smoking cessation or make it your addiction, the choice lies in your hands. You have to decide if it is your remedy to stop smoking or adopt it as another addiction.

How does vaping work?

There are four components of e-cigarettes.

  • Cartridge or pod containing e-liquid ( varying amount of nicotine, different flavours)
  • Atomizer (heating element)
  • A battery ( the rechargeable power source)
  • A mouthpiece to inhale

E-cigs are battery-operated devices that discharge flavoured nicotine vapour from e-juice heated by the coil. The vaper then inhales the aerosol (vaping).

Smoking vs. Vaping: Pros and Cons


Pioneers from health, medicine, and engineering agree that vaping is safer than smoking. However, the benefits of vaping are mostly twisted under the potential harms to confuse the masses. The British Royal of physicians and Public Health, along with many other Public Health Committees, including the American National Academies of Science, Medicine, and Engineering, agreed that it is 95% less dangerous than combustible cigarettes.

Vaping is combustion and smoke-free. As a result, it contains none of the tar and monoxide produced by cigarette smoke that leads to long-term health damages. Smokers who switched to vaping observed better lung and heart function and improved senses of smell and taste.

Smoking gives noxious odours. In contrast, vaping does not make you, your clothes, or your vehicle smell. Vaping smell is hardly noticeable. It might attract compliments from others, but there is no chance of people hating the stale smoke smell. It has its aroma and also saves you from cigarette butts.

Vaping also allows you to take complete control over your nicotine dosage. E-juices are available in varying nicotine strengths ranging from nic-free to high strength nic. You can choose what you want in your vape. Vapers usually start with high nicotine levels and gradually lower down the strength or eliminate nicotine to zero.

Vaping devices also give you full control over the amount of vapor you exhale. Pods are best for producing low vapors, and high-intensity mods can give you the best cloud chasing experience. 

For a fine-tuned vaping experience, you can adjust airflow, power output, and coil type. To be subtle or stealthy, it depends on how you vape.

Vaping gives you endless flavor options. Some favorite flavors are desserts, mint, menthol, fruits, tobacco, and beverages. If you do not like the ones available, you can make your desired vape juice. 

Vaping gives you instant satisfaction. All vape devices are battery-operated, and an average vape device can sustain for the entire day without any maintenance or upkeep.

Vaping is also budget-friendly. Vaping industry is thriving, and from 10$ to hundreds, you can choose what suits your pocket. It also does not require any previous experience. You can easily switch to vaping without any hassle. Your desired device, flavor, and nic salt can be delivered to you at your doorstep from local vape shops to online vape stores.


Nothing comes in this world with benefits only. Vaping, with its many benefits, has some drawbacks too.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned smoker thinking about switching to vapes, you might feel overwhelmed with endless choices available for you. Unlike cigarettes, where you only have a handful of brands to choose from, vaping offers you hundreds of possible options. 


You might also face smoking stigma because many people confuse vaping with smoking. This might dishearten you because you switched to vaping to quit smoking, which should be encouraged.

Nicotine is a mild stimulant that does not cause cancer or heart disease, yet people confuse it with smoking. Taxes and restrictions further limit vaping choices, cost, and availability.

Bottom Line

There are several reasons to support that why vaping is an effective tool for smoking cessation. Now, it is your choice whether you believe the truth and gets carried away by the misguiding stories. There are several choices available to quit smoking, and undoubtedly vaping is among the best options.

It is beneficial because nicotine provides you smoking-like experience without deadly smoke. However, we can not claim it to be perfect for everyone. Whatever you choose for yourself, choose it wisely while considering all the benefits and downsides of vaping. Prioritize your health over anything else.

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