Smoking has plagued society for centuries, but a revolution is underway. Vaping is your health companion, and the vaporizer aims to give you a pure hit every day. The Vuse Vape pen brings a variety of flavors of freshness with its bold design and effects.

Information about VUSE

Vype has been trading under the Vuse name in other countries such as the United States and Canada. Using Vuse as a global identity, they unified their brand and took an exciting step towards innovation. They are known for their high-quality products. Includes ePod and ePen Pod System Starter Kits and associated pre-filled pods.

By switching to Vuse, they want to continue to evolve with their clients and support individual routes to quit smoking. For now, the scope changes are in the form of a focus on new packages and sustainability. As part of the rebranding, Vuse has decided to remove unnecessary and unsustainable packages from its products.

In this article, we will have a detailed look at Vuse ePod2.

Vuse ePod 2

This pen has true handling comfort, so your vaping provides the relaxation you need, even while running. Elegant is the keyword, and the pocket pen makes you feel like its faithful companion. It's unobtrusive and small, making it easy to fly under the radar. The ePod 2 comes in a beautiful metallic gray color and the pods are available in over 16 nicotine salt flavors.

Next Generation ePods

Introducing the brand new VUSE ePod precompiled pod kit device. VUSE adopted the original ePod and made some improvements to performance. Like its predecessor, the ePod 2 is an easy-to-use, button-less design device that inserts an ePod pre-filled pod cartridge and vape.

Aside from the exterior, each pre-filled pod holds about 275 puffs. Pass-through charging capability allows you to use the pen while it’s charging. A 350mAh battery is supported by a fast charging system that only takes 30-40 minutes to boost the battery to 80%. You will find a high-quality delivery system that offers a rich nicotine flavor even on the final puff.

Splash proof

The ePod can be used in almost any condition, anywhere but under water. VUSE has redesigned the battery casing to extend battery life, making it more reliable on the go without compromising on bulk and weight. The Vuse epod 2 is a lightweight vaporizer that at only 23.6 grams. The ePod has a capacity of 1.9 ml and contains 200 puffs on a single charge. The button-less ePod gives you an excellent vaping experience. With a length of 104.2 mm, a width of 19.0 mm and a depth of 11.0 mm, it fits perfectly in your pocket.

How to use VUSE ePod 2?

The advantage of such a device is that it is easy to use. There is no temperature or wattage control, and there is no need to replace or restart the coil. To use the device, charge the device, insert the pod and inhale. There is no firing button as the draw triggers it. Therefore, it is advisable to clean the mouthpiece from time to time. Simplicity is truly the ultimate sophistication. Keep that in mind the first time you try this beautiful pen. All you have to do is insert a pen between your lips. However, the pod doesn't have a button actually to activate it. Don't panic, and if you pull it well, the pen will do the rest.

The VUSE epod 2 also comes with some unique accessories that enhance the vaping test. These extend to 3D stickers that give epod its own life. These accessories are a great complement to your pod.

The company has partnered with award-winning designer Marcus Watson to create this leather with a passion for field inspiration in mind. There is also a vuse epod magnetic charger that improves fast charging. Other notable accessories that catch your attention are Onyx, a 3D texture gloss sticker, and Coast, a 3D texture gloss sticker.


All smokers are at home when they have the opportunity to try this. The ePod Vuse Vype features a soft, tight draw that perfectly mimics the feel of traditional cigarettes. The pod uses nicotine salt juice instead of the free base nicotine juice. This dramatically improves the impact strength and smoothness that the device can provide. Like many pre-filled pod devices, the first pair of drags has a small spit. After that, it's designed to enjoy the flavor of the juice, so you can enjoy it as it is. If you leave the device unused for days, the pod will not leak.

Vuse ePod 2 flavors

The pods are built to pair with various flavors of high-quality ingredients, and you can choose from over 17 different salts. The tastes are skillfully blended so that your taste buds are ideally indulged. The flavor of vuse epod 2 and the excellent delivery system are gentle on the throat and lungs. There are not many closed pod systems that fulfill the promise of rich flavors.

The pod itself contains 1.9 ml of ejuice. Six flavor profiles are available for this device to tickle your taste buds and ensure your smoke all day long. Choose from golden tobacco, vanilla medley, tropical mango, and chilled mint. Just pick one, and your vaping is covered. Each flavor is available in a convenient and easy-to-use Vype ePod Refill pack. Then just unpack them, insert them into your device, and resume where you left off.

Here are some of the flavors available to Vuse ePod:

  • Blushed mango: The sensational rich mango flavor
  • Creamy mint:Cold mint with warm, contrasting sweetness
  • Crispy watermelon: A blend of juicy notes and fresh watermelon flavors
  • Cucumber mixture: Cranberries and unmelted cucumbers
  • Dark cherry: A mix of deep cherries and red fruits
  • Frozen mango: A touch of pineapple, floral honey and fresh mango gives a fresh aftertaste
  • Golden cigarette:Creamy and soft golden tobacco mix balance
  • Madley Vanilla:Creamy and happy vanilla
  • Original strawberry: Slightly green note strawberry
  • Passion fruit field. An excellent kick combination of almond notes and tropical passion fruit
  • Tequila Sunrise: A balanced blend of spicy orange and intense pomegranate


Compatible with VUSE ePod cartridges

Designed with nicotine salt solution, the VUSE ePod replacement pod cartridge provides a satisfying vape experience from the first puff. VUSE ePod Prefilled Pod Cartridge Cartridge contains 1.9 ml of nicotine salt and liquid and is available in multiple flavors with nicotine concentrations of 5%, 3% and 1.6%. ePod pre-filled pod cartridges are available in single packs (2 pods) or cartons (5 packs x 2 pods).

VUSE Devices

Vype users can understand that they aim to simplify vaping by offering some of the most intuitive starter kits on the market. Pod systems have grown in popularity over the last few years as the perfect first step in transitioning from smoking to e-cigarettes. The compact design and simplicity make it easy to use. The pre-filled pod system, in particular, is an excellent option for new e-cigarette users.

Vuse specializes in pre-filled pod vaporizers. Their ePen and ePod kits are very popular with new vapers. The pre-filled pod kit consists of a compact battery that you can recharge repeatedly. Therefore, you can fit them with replaceable closed pods that snap into place and are already filled with e-liquid. This eliminates the need to replace coils or keep refilling with e-liquid. Simply discard the empty pod and replace it as they run out.


Vuse offers a variety of pre-filled pods that are compatible with ePod and ePen devices. These have many of the strengths and tastes of nicotine. Choosing nicotine strengths means that you can match your strengths to your previous smoking habits. This will help you make sure you are effectively dealing with any cravings. With a wide range of flavors, it’s not hard to find what you like. This way, you always know that you can pick up your vape and not return to cigarettes.

Whether you like traditional tobacco flavors or something a little more unique, you can cover it with a range of Vuse ePods and ePen pods. Choose from flavors such as Tequila Sunrise, Golden Tobacco and Chilled Mentha to find your favorite flavor.


  • Convenient and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Fast charging
  • Reputable salt nicotine manufacturer
  • No button
  • No dry puff
  • Provides a fluid design
  • Splash proof
  • Vape while charging


  • Battery deteriorates after 12 months of use
  • Capacity is limited to only 1.9ml
  • Proprietary charging port

Final thoughts

Whether you're hanging out with friends or getting on the train, the Vuse ePod device gives you a good kick. Not only is this device suitable for both beginners and experienced vapors, but it's also ready to go wherever you are. If you're looking for simplicity, portability, and performance, you should include your Vuse ePod device in your checklist. Vuse is constantly soliciting feedback about their products and using them to improve the vaping experience. You will enjoy their thoughtfully designed vaping gadgets.

Vaping may be a relatively new industry, but its benefits greatly support traditional smoking. Enjoy a health conscious experience. Vape Cove offers excellent deals and a wide range of vape pen products and accessories. I recommend you check our official website for current offers of vaping device products.

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