We are well into 2021 and that means we’ve had a lot of time to try out a wide variety of new electronic cigarette devices! This article will cover the best e cigarette in Canada of the year so far. We will be providing you with information regarding every e-cigarette device including the design & feel, features & settings, and the pros & cons of using each device. We will also give you our personal opinions about the device along with the final rating out of 5 based on our criteria, that being the size & design, how easy it is to set up and use, and what type of clouds and flavours the device draws out. We hope that this information provides you with some great insights on which devices would be best for you.


E-Cigarette & Smoking Warning

Before we get into reviewing the e-cigarette devices we want to remind our readers, especially any young adults or high school students about the dangers of smoking and vaping. Whether it's a vaping device or conventional cigarettes, there are many known and unknown health risks that are associated with both. Smoking traditional cigarettes can lead to lung disease as it releases over 7000 chemicals. 69 of those being known toxic chemicals that can cause cancer. Not even mentioning excess cigarette smoke that can cause secondhand smoke putting others around you at risk as well. When it comes to any vaping product there are also risks associated. The nicotine in e cigarette liquid can cause nicotine addiction. The point we are trying to make is that we don't want our readers to take any unnecessary health risks and our advice would be to try and avoid inhaling, smoking, or vaping anything that may contain harmful chemicals. So please be aware and do your research before you get into smoking, whether it be from a vaporizer or smoking cigarettes.


Envi Boost Disposable Vape Pen

The first device we are reviewing is the Envi Boost Disposable Vape Pen available for $16.99. This e-cigarette has a smooth cylindrical shape and feel. The size of the device is very compact making it very easy to hold and carry around. It has a nice matte black finish with the logo and accent colours matching the flavour of the device, which is really subtle but definitely cool.

This device has no settings or features so that makes using the device super easy. After removing the device from the box, it only has 2 caps, one on each end, that you remove and you can begin drawing from the mouthpiece immediately.


The pros when it comes to this device:

  1. There is no setup to use the device AT ALL, it is a simple & straightforward device to use right out of the box.
  2. The amount of nicotine and the flavour is already determined for you, so you know what you are getting from it right away. The vape does have delicious e-liquid flavours including green apple, pink lemon, and mango peach watermelon (This one is our absolute favourite).
  3. Drawing from the mouthpiece produces a decent sized cloud, they are not the thickest clouds so keep that in mind if you are a cloud chaser. This is neither a pro nor con and is really just personal preference.

    Cons that we can see arising from using this device:

    1. If you are an avid smoker you might run out and have to constantly restock on the device. This may be annoying but it is definitely a small thing to consider.
    2. Another problem you might run into is the vape pen only has the option of carrying 20ml of nicotine, there is no lower or higher amount of nicotine. This might be a problem for you if you are trying to lower or increase your nicotine intake amount, so that is another thing to consider as well.


    Our Rating:

    Our personal opinion about the device is we really love the flavours of this vaping product, the device itself is very small, sleek and has a nice feel in the hands. Aside from the fact that it is a pre-determined amount of nicotine this vape pen is very well made and draws quite nicely producing decent but not super thick clouds. This device is without a doubt the most user-friendly vaping device on our list.


    Size & Design: 4

    Ease of Setup & Use: 5

    Cloud Production: 4 

    Amount of Flavour Device Draws : 4

    This device has a final rating of 4.3 out of 5 and we encourage any experienced vaper to try out this vape. It's seriously a solid disposable vape pen .


    U-well Caliburn KOKO Prime Pod Kit

    The second device we are reviewing is the U-well Caliburn KOKO Prime Pod Kit available for $37.99. This e-cigarette has a very slim and square shape, it is a very small device so it can easily fit into your pocket and it barely feels like you are carrying anything. It also comes in a few different colours that you can choose from along with metal plates on both sides that have the KOKO design on them as well.

    A cool feature associated with the design of the device that makes it unique is that you are able to remove or swap out the design plates because they are magnetically attached. Another feature is the lanyard attachment that allows you to keep your device on a lanyard so you can keep it around your neck. There is also a charging port that allows you to charge your device when it runs out of batteries. There are no settings to change for this device either, all that is required to start drawing from it is to pop off the mouthpiece of the pod, insert your juice into the dispenser hole, prime your device for 10 minutes and you can start drawing after that.

    The pros when it comes to this device are as follows:

      1. The device is still super easy to use, once you are used to removing the cap and filling the pod with e-liquid there is not really anything else that requires that level of maintenance.
      2. You can fill the pod with any flavour of e-liquid you want. This gives you the freedom to choose between e-liquid flavours and determine for yourself the amount of nicotine you want present as well.
      3. It is a small and compact device, easy to store and carry around.


      The cons of this device:

        1. Since it is a smaller device, the amount of e cigarette liquid that can be present in a pod is smaller than that of larger devices. This may only be a con if you are vaping a lot and as a result, need to refill your pod constantly.
        2. It can be scary trying to pop off the mouthpiece the first time because it feels fragile enough to break if you apply enough force but it is actually quite durable, so once you do it a few times it becomes easier and you know what to expect.

        Our Rating:

        Our personal opinion about this device is that it is very easy to use, the small size makes it wonderful to be discreet and carry the device around. The clouds produced are thicker than that of the Envi Boost Disposable Vape Pen and having the freedom to control what e-liquid you put into the device makes it one step more advanced than the Envi but still easy enough for any beginners to use this device also.


        Size & Design: 5

        Ease of Setup & Use: 4.5

        Cloud Production: 4.2 

        Amount of Flavour Device Draws : 4.3

        Our final rating for this device came out to 4.5 out of 5 because we felt it ticked all our boxes when it came to our criteria. Any beginner or experienced vaper can use this device and have a great experience with it.


          GeekVape Aegis Boost Pro Pod Kit

          The last and final device we reviewed was the GeekVape Aegis Boost Pro Pod Kit available for $54.99. This electronic cigarette is the largest out of the 3 that we have listed and is definitely the most advanced device out of the group. The design of the device gives us a rectangular device with a shiny metallic strip running along the side a screen on one side and a leather grip on the other for a wonderful grip and hand feel. Although, some of us are not a fan of the medium sized device. The device has 3 different colours, red, black, and silver.


            The features of the device include the screen, which provides you information such as your wattage level and how long you drew from the device for. There is also an airflow vent that can be opened or closed by twisting the knob. When it comes to the settings of the device you can change the wattage of the device anywhere from 5 watts to 100 watts. A quick disclaimer to please look at the coil attached to the tank and know the recommended wattage levels before changing any settings.

            These are the pros of this device:

              1. It is the most powerful device on our list, meaning it can produce incredibly thick clouds as well as draw the flavour from e-liquid very well, allowing the flavours to come through quite nicely.
              2. You have the most freedom with this device, from choosing your type of e-juice flavour with your preferred amount of nicotine to being able to change the wattage level, you can even swap out the coil for different ones to play around with cloud thickness and the amount flavour from your draws.
              3. The tank and battery are huge, this device will probably have the longest battery life and capacity within its tank allowing for longer vape sessions before you need to refill, recharge or replace anything.


              The cons of this device:

                1. There is a battery that needs to be purchased and replaced every once in a while, this is not the biggest deal but just something to keep in mind. The device does charge, so don't be worried that you need to replace the battery constantly.
                2. The only other con is that this device has a few more settings and steps that need to be taken to use the device to its fullest potential. This is only a con for beginners or people that don't want to worry about those things but if you are looking to take that next advancement in your vaping journey, this e-cigarette is perfect for that.


                Our Rating: 

                Our personal opinion of this device is that it is a very powerful device that has a great feel in the hands. It can feel a bit big especially in comparison to the other two devices but you are getting more out of it in terms of power and control at the end of the day.


                Size & Design: 3

                Ease of Setup & Use: 3.5

                Cloud Production: 4.5

                Amount of Flavour Device Draws : 4.5

                We gave this device a 3.8 out of 5 because while sacrificing the smaller size and ease of use it is definitely the most powerful device on our list. The Aegis is the most expensive device on the list but thats because it produces the best clouds plus draws flavour the best out of all devices.


                  Where To Buy These E-Cigarettes

                  You can visit Vape Cove to check out or purchase each of the products listed above. We know that each of these devices is for different people at varying levels of vaping experience but we hope that this review helped you towards making a decision about which e-cigarette device would be best for you. Let us know which e-cigarette or vaping device has been your go-to for 2021 so far, we would love to hear from you!

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