An in house favourite at Vape Cove is the STLTH starter kit. We especially love the STLTH pods and noticed a handful of people asking about the STLTH pods specifically. We are going to do a deep dive on JUST STLTH pods. We wanted to bring you this information so that you can be comfortable and informed entirely about STLTH Pods, whether it's how to use them or to help you in making a decision about whether a STLTH pod is right for you, we got your back!

    What Are STLTH Pods?

    STLTH pods are very uniquely designed, the mouthpiece is an oval shape that allows for a great mouthfeel while drawing from the pod. The STLTH pods mouthpiece typically comes in white but some premium STLTH pod flavours will change the mouthpiece colour so keep an eye out for those! A STLTH pod is designed to have the highest tank capacity at 2ml of e-juice, which is double the industry standard, meaning you can draw from your STLTH pod for a much longer time before swapping your STLTH pod device. The ingredients of the e-liquid in a STLTH pod are rather standard, including propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and natural or artificial food-grade flavourings.


    Our Favourite STLTH Pod Flavours

    When it comes to the best STLTH Pod flavours it really depends on you to know what you would like the best. We still wanted to go over which pod had our favourite e-liquid flavour and why we love the flavour so much. Hopefully, we can describe a flavour that you would enjoy and we are happy to provide that information for you. There are is a wide variety of pod flavours with varying nicotine strength as well, we picked 9 of our favourite vape juice flavours here:

    Mango - STLTH Mango Pods have to be one of our go-to flavours. It provides a classic yet extremely unique mango flavour. Once you draw from this pod the exhale gives you a sweet & tropical ripe mango nectar taste right at the tip of your tongue until it leaves your lips. We absolutely love this flavour.
    Berry Blast - If you are a fan of any berry flavour, you need to try berry blast. There is a very subtle blend of raspberries, strawberries and other exotic berries that makes every exhale like drinking a refreshing juice of mixed berries. Just try it and see for yourself.
    Honeydew Menthol - This flavour always reminds us of how a fresh honeydew bubble tea should taste, sweet and cold! The ripe honeydew melon flavour along with the cold menthol leaves a sweet and cool taste that lingers in your mouth even after the exhale. Personally one of our favourite flavours at Vape Cove.

    Strawberry - Another classic flavour that STLTH really seems to make its own. The strawberry flavour really comes through providing a subtle sweetness that isn't too sweet when you draw from the mouthpiece. You really can't go wrong with choosing this vape pod.

    Tobacco Blend - If you're not into the fruity flavours we understand. We know of a few people who swear by the traditional tobacco taste and we are here for those people too (My dad is one of them). The tobacco taste is very pronounced on both inhale and exhale, providing a medium blend tobacco flavour with a hint of smokiness. This is a staple flavour so there are no surprises when it comes to this pod.

    Frost - This pod is for anyone who absolutely loves the cool menthol experience. Upon inhale you are hit with a smooth iced peppermint that fills your mouth and once you exhale that flavour beautifully blends into a frosty spearmint exhale. If you're a fan of that cool icy sensation Frost has to be your choice.

    Blue Raspberry - We have a secret obsession for this flavour because of the nostalgia it brings us. This flavour reminds us of walking to a gas station to get a sweet and sour blue raspberry slushy as a kid and if you know that flavour, this hits it spot on. With the first puff, we were hooked and we know you will be too.

    Fruitbae Grapefruit Watermelon - Last but not least we have the Fruitbae Grapefruit Watermelon and what we love about this flavour is when the fresh watermelon vapour leaves your taste buds you're left with a slightly tart finish that really makes this juice and nicotine blend stand out amongst the rest.

    Blueberry Icy Mint - We hear the people in the back asking for a berry menthol flavour so don't worry we haven't forgotten about you! Blueberry Icy Mint from ZPods, really hits that mark of fruity and refreshingly cool. With each inhale you get that sweet blueberry flavour with the sensational tingle of icy mint, it's truly a fabulous mixture that keeps us coming back!



    We can't even decide our favourite pod flavour amongst each other at Vape Cove but we know that you would love any of the flavours listed above without a doubt! So which flavour do you think suits you best, have you tried any of these flavours already? Let us know in the comments below!

    How To Use STLTH Pods

    Before we get into how to use your STLTH pods we wanted to remind you that you do need a STLTH device or another STLTH Pod Compatible Device to be able to use your STLTH pod properly. First and foremost, STLTH pods are not refillable or reusable. They have closed pod systems just like any Juul pod, meaning once you use it you need to buy a replacement pod. To use the pod you would attach it to your STLTH or Stlth pod compatible device and then just draw from the mouthpiece. That's all there is to it, these devices are very user friendly so there are no steps that require anything other than some common sense but we are here just in case you need it!

    Where to buy STLTH Pods and STLTH Devices

    To find out where you can get STLTH pods or a STLTH device, check your local vape store or visit us at Vapecove and we got you covered for all your STLTH needs. A regular STLTH Pod Pack comes with 3 pod cartridges, ranging from your choice of 20/35/50MG/ML and starting at $14.99. That is essentially 5 dollars per pod with flavours like Mango, Honeydew Menthol and Blue Raspberry. There are also premium pod packs available for $15.99 that include the flavours Grapefruit Watermelon and Blueberry Icy Mint. So for an extra dollar, you get some great flavour combinations.

    You may also be wondering about alternative devices that are compatible with STLTH vape pods or which compatible pod would work with your STLTH device. We have a few alternatives for both so here they are:

    The RELX Device Kit is an alternative to the STLTH device. It is compatible with STLTH vape pods, comes in 4 different vape pen colours including black, blue, white and neon purple and starts at $14.99. This device is 5 dollars cheaper than the STLTH Device but essentially they both get the same job done. So depending on which device you like more it's really up to you!

    When it comes to STLTH device compatible pods there are a handful of brands that produce a great variety of pods, some already mentioned in our favourite flavour list! Here is a list of some brands that create STLTH device compatible pods:

    1. Naked100

    2. FruitBae

    3. Ultimate100

    4. Zpod

    5. Labo LVS

    Be sure to check out all of these brands and their pods, some flavours we haven't even tried so we would love to hear your opinion on them!


    That is all that we think there is to know about STLTH Pods. If we missed anything or you want us to talk about another device or pod let us know in the comments below. We love bringing you this information to help you determine what you would like the most. Make sure to visit us at Vape Cove and if you're interested in our favourite E-cigs of 2021 click here to read about it!

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