You have definitely heard about a JUUL product before, but not everything is known about this vaping device. At Vape Cove, we want to provide you all the information you need to make an informed decision as to whether a JUUL is a good fit for you. We will be discussing everything you need to know about JUUL including, what is JUUL, why choose JUUL, and how to use a JUUL? We will also cover which JUUL vape juice flavor we love the most along with any accessories and brands that are compatible with a JUUL Device.

Disclaimer, for any smokers of regular cigarettes we really recommend that you try vaping as the chemical levels are significantly less than that in a traditional cigarette. If you are under 19 we highly suggest you do not start smoking or vaping nicotine. Nicotine addiction is extremely common and teen vaping is at an all-time high, with 1 in 4 high school students admitting they have tried an electronic cigarette. We are still unsure of any issues that might come from smoking or vaping nicotine long-term but it is still a potential health risk. To be honest, we don't want to tell you what to do so live your life, but please be smart!


What are JUUL’s 

JUUL is a brand of electronic cigarette that has a similar shape to a long and slender USB stick, nothing like a traditional electronic cigarette brand. A JUUL device is extremely sleek and discreet, making it easy for young adults to hide their JUUL whether in school or at home. The difference between a traditional e cigarette brand and JUUL is that a JUUL is much more simple in its use, with no buttons or switches, just the device and the e-liquid pod. JUUL also has a closed system with their flavored pods, meaning their pods cannot be refilled which helps with regulating the quality and amount of nicotine used per pod.

How to use JUUL's

So how do you actually use a JUUL? Upon purchasing a JUUL, you only have a few parts to worry about, the device itself, the JUUL pods, and the charging dock. Getting started is really easy, just make sure your device is fully charged by plugging it into the USB charging dock. It takes roughly 1 hour to fully charge a JUUL device fully. To check if your device is fully charged you can tap the device twice to show the battery life. Once it is charged you can insert the JUUL pod into the device with one easy snap. This makes JUUL pods extremely easy to swap out and change depending on what flavor you want to vape. All there is left to do is to draw from the JUUL pod mouthpiece. Something really cool about the JUUL is the built-in temperature regulator that prevents "dry hits". What this means is that the device will lower its temperature so that you don't end up with a burnt flavor when you are vaping from a pod that is too low on e-liquid. That is the extent of how to use a JUUL. We told you it was simple, but you didn't think it was that easy did you?

Why JUUL’s over other E-cigarettes?

We already know that a JUUL is a better alternative than smoking a traditional cigarette, but why would you choose a JUUL over any other vaping product or tobacco product? There are 3 main reasons why you would consider using a JUUL:


The price of a JUUL is relatively inexpensive when compared to that of cigarettes and higher-end vaping products. The price of a basic Juul starter pack is listed at $10 on On a side note; if you decide to go to a retailer to buy a Juul the price can vary as the retailer decides how much they want to sell it for and from our experience, they end up retailing for about $25 CAD. The good thing is that this is a one-time purchase for the device and at no more than $30 it seems like an investment that is pretty worth it. On the other hand, more advanced devices will also require a higher upfront cost as well as accessories for that device. At this point, it all depends on your budget and determining how and why you want to begin vaping.

Following that, a pack of 4 JUUL pods is listed at $20.99 which is around $5.25/pod. Each pod takes between 1-3 days for an average individual to finish using. Doing some quick math, a person can spend between $60-$180 on JUUL pods per month. This may seem like a lot for pods but comparatively, if a person smokes a $10 cigarette pack every 1-3 days that is between $100-$300 they are spending on cigarettes. JUUL can potentially save you $840 per year.

The price of a JUUL is exceptional for what it gives you but that is only one of the reasons a person should consider a JUUL. The next thing to consider is the ease of use.

Ease of use

The JUUL device is hands down one of the easiest devices to use. We have already gone over how easy it is to use the JUUL but we want to compare it to a few other vape products and determine how easy it would be for a beginner to use these products in comparison to the JUUL.

JUUL vs Disposable Vape Pens.

When it comes to the easiest device you can't forget about a disposable vape pen. Upon opening the box the vape is immediately ready for you to draw from without any need to charge, fill or replace a cartridge/pod. Once the device is done you just throw it out and buy a new one. The only problem with this is it may be a bit annoying to always go out and buy a new vape pen, but if you are a very occasional vaper, you might not need to buy something that will always need to be replaced. An example of a disposable vape pen is the Envi Boost Disposable Vaping Device.

JUUL vs Open System Vaping Device.

When it comes to an open system vape, you usually have a tank/pod that can be refilled multiple times before being replaced compared to a single JUUL disposable pod. This means it is slightly more advanced than the JUUL and requires a few more steps than the JUUL to use. You would typically find an opening that allows you to fill the pod with your choice of e-juice, giving you the freedom to determine the flavor and amount of nicotine that you prefer. This opens the door for experimentation compared to JUUL which has its JUUL pods that have pre-determined flavors and nicotine levels.

So if you're looking to try many flavors and want to have more control over your nicotine intake it may be worth it to consider an open system vaping device. An example of an open system vaping device is the Caliburn KOKO Prime Vaping Device

JUUL vs Vape Mods.

Finally, we have the more advanced devices, Vape Mods. These devices require the most attention and considerations before you can vape them. Along with the freedom to choose which e-juice you want to vape, an incredibly important thing to consider is the coils that need to be replaced in your device. A coil is the heating element that produces the vapor in a vape. After a prolonged use your coil will eventually burn out and when it comes to deciding on which coils to buy there can be a few further considerations to make, including the size of your coil which impacts the flavor and size of your clouds, the compatibility of the coil and your mod and the pricing of coils to name a few considerations to make.

You will also need an understanding of Ohms Law and resistance levels as you will most likely need to fix your mod settings to be compatible with your coil of choice. We love the freedom vape mods provide but understand not everyone has time to dedicate to learning and researching what vape mods they would prefer, which is why having a JUUL is awesome because it is so easy to just get it set up and start vaping right away. Honestly, if you are really interested we highly suggest trying out the Geek Vape Aegis Pro Pod Kit. This vape mod is a steal at $55 allowing you to step into the vape mod world without your wallet crying out loud.

It's not as simple as other disposable vape pens but a JUUL is as easy as it gets when it comes to using it. We encourage you to explore more advanced devices as you gain more experience vaping. The last thing we like to consider with the JUUL is the size.


The last reason you would consider a JUUL is definitely for its sleek and portable size. The JUUL is so portable and fits almost anywhere without being too obvious that it is a vape. This discreteness is a clear advantage when you don't want to be seen vaping or don't want others to know you have a JUUL. Compared to other vape devices JUUL's are inconspicuous and not clunky and they weigh almost nothing. This is honestly a personal preference for people, so depending on if you want to be a bit more discreet or if you don't mind carrying a larger device, it's really up to you!

What is in a JUUL Pod?

If you're curious about what is in JUUL pods we have you covered, here are the 4 ingredients in their E-juice: Nicotine, Benzoic Acid, Propylene Glycol & Glycerin, and Natural & Artificial Flavor. According to JUUL, every ingredient is mixed under a strict quality control process. Regarding their flavors, JUUL no longer offers fruity pod flavors as they don't want to encourage youth vaping and so they only have 3 main flavors: Mint, Virginia Tobacco, and Golden Tobacco. Finally, you can choose between 3 nicotine levels ranging from 5% to 1.5% nicotine strength. This is the extent of what JUUL offers in terms of their pods. That is all there is to know about the JUUL Pods specifically so we will move on to JUUL accessories and compatible pods that are not from JUUL.

JUUL Accessories & Compatible Pods

If you're not impressed with the variety that JUUL has when it comes to their pod flavors don't worry, there are brands that have created compatible pods that fit into your JUUL, and not only that, they offer a wide variety of flavors too! Here are a few brands that we know of and the flavors they offer:

  1. Eon Smoke - Silky Strawberry, Grape, Pineapple Crush, Pink Lemonade, Citrus Burst, Cucumber
  2. Plus Pods - Mango, Iced Mint, Blue Raspberry, California Cream, Strawberry, Banana, Lemonade, Passion Fruit, Watermelon, Green Apple.
  3. Z Lab - Iced watermelon, Iced Blueberry, Iced Mango, Iced Pineapple, Iced Strawberry

The wide variety of pod flavors offered from other brands really makes up for JUUL only having 3 official flavors. With that, there are only a few accessories for a JUUL device and we will go over them right here:

  1. JUUL Charging Dock & Portable Charging Case - You may be wondering where to buy a JUUL charger in case yours breaks too. In that case, JUUL sells individual chargers as well right on their website. Their portable charging case allows you to charge your JUUL anywhere and anytime. 
  2. JUUL Cell Phone Holder - A phone attachment that lets you insert and secure your JUUL to your phone. It may come in handy if you constantly have both items on you. 
  3. JUUL Cases - A case that protects your JUUL in case you drop it

There aren't really that many accessories for your JUUL and they really don't seem that necessary but again it's all up to you!

Where can I get a JUUL

You have a few options to get a JUUL.

  1. Order it from the JUUL website directly
  2. Find a nearby store for you using the store locator on the JUUL Website.
  3. Many gas stations and convenience stores carry JUULs. Contrary to what you might assume, your local vape shop might not actually sell JUUL's. Visit or call your local gas station or convenience store to see if they have JUUL's

We suggest if you want to find the cheapest JUUL around, either call your nearby local stores before you visit them to inquire about the JUUL prices or just order from the website! 

Alternatives to the JUUL

Finally, we want to go over 2 alternatives to JUUL's in case you were still curious about other options. These alternatives require the same steps a JUUL does to begin vaping so they are super easy to use.


 The first device is the STLTH Device Kit. The device itself starts at $19.99 with a starter kit for $24.99 that includes 1 replacement pod. Any other replacement pod packs start at $14.99 that include 3 pods. They also have a variety of pod flavors including Grapefruit Watermelon, Passion Fruit Aloe, Raspberry Sour Apple and so many more (Seriously we can't list them all). We love the STLTH for its smooth and slim look, it is a bit rounder than the sharp-edged JUUL and so it might feel a bit better in the hands but that's really up to your own preference. Be sure to check out the STLTH Device Kit to see it for yourself!


STLTH Device Starter Kit

The second device is the VUSE - Epod Device Kit. This is the cheaper alternative out of the 2 starting at $9.99 but it definitely isn't a vape to glance over. We absolutely love the look of this vape and for us, it has the best-looking mouthpiece pod between the STLTH and JUUL device! Vuse Replacement Pod Pack's start at $13.00 with flavors including Lychee, Blood Orange, Lemon Berry, and many more! This is really a great alternative that is cheap, provides a lot of pod flavors, and has a great-looking design. Make sure to look into the VUSE - Epod Device Kit to review it for yourself, and if you're on a budget, the VUSE is perfect for you!

Vuse Device Starter Kit



That is all we know about JUUL's and we hope you found this article helpful! If there is anything you're still unsure about or if you have any further questions don't hesitate to leave us a comment or question down below. Whether you decide to go with a JUUL or any of the other alternatives we hope this article gave you the proper information for considering what device would be the best fit for you! If you decide to go with a JUUL but  you're looking for the cheapest place for juul pods be sure to check out these compatible pods so you're not stuck with just JUUL's 3 flavors and if you decide to go with either alternative we listed above they can both be found at!

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