Plus Pods - Classic (JUUL Compatible Pods)


Plus Pods specializes in producing compatible pods for the Juul Device. They provide the market with amazing alternative flavors for the Juul and deliver these flavors in higher quality, dependable pods that outperform other compatible pods.

Blue Raspberry - The Blue Raspberry flavor originates from the Whitebark Raspberry, a rare occurring berry that boasts incredibly sweet and tart flavors at the same time. The Plus Pods Blue Raspberry contain honeyed e-liquid that clings to the senses and allows them to experience the essence of consuming a fruity basket. But don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself! Bon Appetit!

Lemonade - The lemonade is a powerful and popular flavor that many people deem delicious. What we have here is an exclusive offer from Plus Pods Lemonade, with a feature of pungent and sweet flavors in every puff. Take delight in puffing on the delicious flavor without the calories, comprised of your favorite e-liquid!

California Cream - With the PLUS Pods California Cream, you get the whipped, sweet goodness of cheesecake at the doorstep of your senses the same moment you take in your first puff. Its honeyed essence will embrace your senses like a warm kiss, featuring a medium-bodied profile that will respect the palate in the kindest of ways.

Green Apple - The Plus Green Apple Pods confer upon the consumer a sour, but delicious taste of Granny Smith Apples with every inhalation. Medium bodied in its strength profile, this product continues to amaze critics with its ability to deliver the desired flavor without overwhelming the palate. The rich clouds that result from vaping this Plus pod is unprecedented, allowing for a perfect delivery of a luxury smoke. It’s time for a change in perspective; allow this blend to be yours.

Mango - Allow the essence of the tropics to imprint itself upon your palate. With the Plus Pods Mango, you will get to experience what it’s like to sit on a beach and bite into your favorite fruit. The delicious pulp of the mango is perfectly emulated when it comes to the flavor of this e-liquid, featuring a gentle manifestation of unique flavors that never overpower the senses.

Watermelon - Allow the cool rush of the watermelon to ensnare your palate with every inhalation. The Plus Pods Watermelon flavor is an immaculately tasty e-liquid compound that emulates the essence of the watermelon in the mildest of ways in order to recreate a delectable vaping experience. This flavor is perfect for anyone looking to substitute their dessert with a vape!

Banana - You've stumbled upon a perfect opportunity to quell your senses’ desire of being treated to something sweet. Act on it! With the PLUS Banana Pods you are bound to experience a sweet, tropical essence that emulates that of a banana cream pie. Bless your senses with the ultimate replacement to your favorite dessert in the form of luscious, thick vapor that assumes a medium bodied nature.

Strawberry - There’s nothing more satisfying than the taste of freshly picked strawberries. With PLUS Pods Strawberry flavored pods, every puff you take on your JUUL device will taste as if you are sinking your teeth into a juicy sun-ripened strawberry. The strawberry flavor is further enhanced by an exhilarating hit of nicotine. These pods are the perfect choice for anyone who is a true fan of strawberries and is looking to satisfy their sweet tooth. With PLUS Pods Watermelon flavored pods, you’ll take your vaping experience to the next level.

Passion Fruit - Passion Fruit Plus Pods are a new, exotic Juul-compatible pod flavor from top pod manufacturer, Plus Pods. These Passion Fruit flavored pods have a tart taste that is unlike any other.

Product Features:

  • 6% nicotine (60 mg/mL)
  • 1 mL Pre-filled Pods
  • Compatible with the Juul device

Package Contents:

  • 4 x Plus Pods 
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